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Sustainable, Scalable, & Efficient Lithium Collection

Forager Station: Unlocking Global Lithium Abundance

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Where is Lithium Found?

Lithium is a critical mineral, impossible to replace in its key application of storing electricity as efficiently as possible.


Oil and Gas Wastewater

Lithium from ancient seas and volcanoes trapped in oil formations. Oil and Gas wastewater often features low lithium concentrations and lots of impurities. Forager Station's process can drive lithium extraction currents from 5 parts per million and up, leading the way in extraction efficiency. 


Geothermal Brines

Water enriched by volcanic lithium sources. Geothermal brines feature high temperatures and high lithium concentrations. Extraction efficiency is paramount.


Salt Lakes and Continental Basins

Lithium-rich water preserved in delicate endorheic basins. These ecosystems are water-stressed, requiring an extraction process which minimizes freshwater consumption. 


Partnering with Lithium Resource Owners

Next Generation Efficiency

Forager Station's Direct Lithium Extraction Solution will extract lithium continuously and without toxic byproducts

Low Cost and Flexible

Concentrate lithium from a variety of sources, such as salt lake brines, geothermal brines, industrial waste, and oil/gas wastewater


Designed to last in tough environoments.


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